HAKIMI Line Netting Industries

HAKIMI Line Netting Industries is an expert company with one particular foot fixed firmly for the roots of their past successes as well as the other stretching forward to satisfy the challenges of the future. A well-established company

HAKIMI Line Wire

Welded mesh, Crimped wire, Chain link fencing, Barbed wire, Barbed Wire Making Machine, Chicken mesh and Square mesh.

Wire Mesh Chain Link Fencing

Our Chain Link Fencing is mainly manufacture by the dealers by using Hakimi Wires. These wires are vertical wires.

PC Corrugated Trapezoidal Sheets

PC Corrugated Trapezoidal Sheets. Our customers widely accepted our all products because of their strength and performance.

Hakimi wire

We manufacture these products from the very high quality Steel. This Steel has the efficiency of standpoint in very high temperature.

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HAKIMI Wire Netting Industries

Hakimi Creates

Gabion Wire Mesh

Welded Steel Mesh

Crimped Netting Wires

Chain Link Fencing

Concertina Razor Coils

Barbed Wire

Expanded Metal Mesh

Chicken Mesh

Perforated Sheet

Fiber Sheet (FRP)

Square Mesh

Bansal Wire

Fresh Air Ventilator

PC Multi Wall Hollow Sheet

PC Corrugated Trapezoidal Sheets

PC Embossed Sheets

Mid-Sheet Fasteners

Hakimi Wire Netting has a  developed a standing of a greatly calculated business entity in the field  Safekeeping Fencing Wires manufacture. Integrated in the year 1990, we are today calculated amongst leading producers and exporters of security fencing systems including Concertina Coil, Chain Link Fencing, Concertina Wire, Barbed Wire, Fencing Wires Supplier India.
Our variety of the  goods discovers presentation in the development of safeguarding the border of railway stations,
Our Company is programmed at the summit among the list of foremost Fencing Wire Manufacturers and Exporters founded in India. Fencing Wire is highly hand-me-down for the creation of the goods and acts as a protection.
The fencing wire accessible by us is industrial using greater quality material & has high confrontation power in intervals. We make available Fencing Wire in several sizes, proportions, etc. look good on precise complications of the clients
Hakimi Wire Netting Industries,Surat is the pioneer and leading Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Wires fencing, Fencing wire
Barbed Wire..
Hakimi Creates, Barbed Wire Manufacturer, Barbed Wire Manufacturer In Surat, Barbed Wires   ExporterHAKIMI Wire Netting Ind. is a important producer and supplier of the  barbed wire fences goods in India. A international company concentrates in the development, manufacture and supplier,  Exporter In India.  Our variety of the  Barbed Wire includes high stretchy barbed wires, light barbed wires, mild steel barbed wire etc. Wires mass-produced by us are highly fashionable in the market for their power, which has supported completing a supposed name in this domain. These wires are without difficulty available in the market at the most inexpensive prices.
   High Strength, Low Cost, Corrosion Resistant, Excellent Isolation, Light in weight.Manufacturer

Concertina Wire Manufacturer

Concertina Wire..

Concertina Razor Coils ManufacturerConcertina Razor Coils Manufacturer Hakimi Wire Netting Industries is an well-known name as a concertina wire industrialist in India. We make available best quality Concertina Wire that is factory-made from the fundamental principal of greater workable wire. Being one of the firmest wires, Concertina Barbed Wire is expansively demanded by the clients in domestic and international market
Our Concertina Shaver Wire is very resilient and reinforced with a steel coil which controls it to bend while the spines have a high-pitched and fascinating action. Moreover, customers are eased with the handiness of the customized Concertina Wires as per the provisions.
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Gabion Wire Manufacturer, Supplier India.
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Gabion Wire Mesh Producers substantiate with a supplementary face-to-face appointments by Global Foundations Choose Substantiated Comprehensive Gabion cable interconnect Our Gabion interconnect Machine bottle be responsible for gabion mesh products for international companies for dissimilar kinds of manufacture substances. Gabions have engaged an ordinary market and are well accredited by outsized group of the workers. Gabion Mesh Machine can be tailor accomplished bestow to client requirements and different guiding principle.
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Chain Link Fencing Wire

Chain Link Fencing Manufacturers is one of the best way for securing our Houses and Gardens. Our Chain Link Fencing Manufacturer has very high demand due to their quality and durability feature. We also manufacture machines for Wire Netting in India.We always endeavor to exceed client’s expectations through our range of quality products. With quality products and customer services our team of dedicated work force have created a niche for the company in this field.We offer a colorful range of Chain Link Fencing as under.
Beige, Grey, Desert sand, Peach,Tan,Blue,Red, Yellow, Wire Netting Manufacturer,Supplier,Exporter India.